L1 versus L2 Learning

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L1 versus L2 Learning by Mind Map: L1 versus L2 Learning

1. initial state: L1- in childrens´s minds for L1 almost surely is an innate capacity to learn language. L2- Some linguists and psychologists believe that the genetic predisposition which children have from birth to learn language remains with them throughout life

2. intermediate state: both L1 and L2 learners go through intermediate states as they progress. from their initial to their final state lingjuistic systems. L1 and L2 learners both play a creative role in their own language development.

3. final state: L1 interference or creative structures different from any that would be produced by a native speaker of the L2. L1 development is native linguistic competence L2 development again by commonly held difinition can ever be totally native linguistic competence, and level of proficiency which learners reach is hoghly variable.

4. phases

5. initial state

6. intermediate states

7. final state

8. which is the out come of L1 and L2 learning

9. covers all stages of basic language development this incluides the maturational changes which take place in what i have called ¨child grammar

10. many linguits and psychologists believe includes the underlying knowledge about language structures and principles that is in learners´heads at the very start of L1 or L2 acquisition