3440:001 Standards for Technology Share-Out

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3440:001 Standards for Technology Share-Out by Mind Map: 3440:001 Standards for Technology Share-Out

1. Standard 1: The characteristics and scope of technology

1.1. Technology revolves around the culture and scientific field

2. Standard 2: The core concepts of technology

2.1. Technologies integrated in classrooms has a big impact in all fields

3. Standard 3: The relationship among technologies and the connections between technology and other fields

3.1. Science and technology are separate, but need each other to survive

4. Standard 4: The cultural, social, economic, and political effects of technology

4.1. Defining factor of our society, culture, and modern economy

5. Standard 5: The effects of technology on the enviroment

5.1. Technology has the power to impact the environment and society both positively and negatively

6. Standard 6: The role of society in the development and use of technology

6.1. Society influences technology and in return society influences technology, however, the values and beliefs of individuals shape their attitudes towards technology

7. Standard 7: The influence of technology on history

7.1. Earlier technology is a foundation for later technology

8. Standard 8: The attributes of design

8.1. Best designs are functional and take many iterations to find the best form

9. Standard 9: Engineering design

9.1. Engineers use the scientific theory or method to achieve success

10. Standard 10: The role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving

10.1. Technology gives us ways to find and solve problems this will find ways to better technology that will influence technology and science

11. Standard 11: Apply the design process

11.1. Just do it

12. Standard 12: Use and maintain technological products and systems

12.1. New developments in science and technology create new opportunities for products and systems

13. Standard 13: Assess the impact of products and systems

13.1. The frequency of new inventions is declining

14. Standard 14: Medical technologies

14.1. Improve medical tech leads to improved lives

15. Standard 15: Agricultural and related biotechnologies

15.1. Technology in your food

16. Standard 16: Energy and power technologies

16.1. Energy has multiple forms and ways to develop it

17. Standard 17 Information and communication technologies

17.1. Technology allows us to easily communicate across the world

18. Standard 18: Transportation technologies

18.1. Various modes of transpiration that affect other industries

19. Standard 19: Manufacturing technologies

19.1. Manufacturing technology is both feed and fed by globalization

20. Standard 20: Construction technologies

20.1. Society creates demands for construction