Unbundling the construct of firm-level international competitiveness

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Unbundling the construct of firm-level international competitiveness by Mind Map: Unbundling the construct  of firm-level international  competitiveness

1. Purpose

1.1. develop a framework for positioning the research contributions on the analysis of firm-level international competitiveness

1.2. addressing the key issues on this topic.

2. Methodology

2.1. Reviewed and the linkages between them are discussed to

2.1.1. Link the concepts of internationalization, performance, and firm-level competitiveness

2.1.2. Propose a framework for identifying the different dimensions of international competitiveness.

3. Findings

3.1. The paper unbundles the construct of international competitiveness into three dimensions

3.1.1. “ex ante” competitiveness relating to firm- and location-specific advantages as drivers of competitiveness

3.1.2. firm internationalization profile resulting from the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of a firm’s presence abroad

3.1.3. “ex post” competitiveness relating to market, financial and nonfinancial performance of a firm in foreign markets

4. Value

4.1. Fills the gap between research streams

4.1.1. international business

4.1.2. marqueting

4.1.3. strategic planning

4.2. Provides new research agenda

4.2.1. analysis of the internationalization-performance relationship

5. Firm-level competitiveness

5.1. As a driver

5.1.1. A firm creates a competitive advantage through Accumulation Own resources Development Reconfiguration Capabilities Knowledge

5.2. As an outcome