Problem Encounter

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Problem Encounter by Mind Map: Problem Encounter

1. Thoughts on this scenario

1.1. Favouritism towards students who follow her methods of teaching

1.1.1. SOF She only favour Annie eg. She's always praising and labelling her the only 'role model'

1.2. Stress

1.2.1. SOF Verbal Clues: 1. Doubt her profession 2. John Again? 3. Rushing Syllabus

1.3. Not asking for help when in need

1.3.1. SOF She solely handles the cheating and smoking case

1.4. Lacks class management

1.4.1. SOF Late for class and blame on other reasons Relegation of Authority

1.5. Relationship with other teachers

1.5.1. SOF Conversation with the HOD involves sarcasm

2. What comes to mind?

2.1. Common scenario for beginning teachers

2.2. Rapport should be established with student and colleagues

2.3. Mutual respect and trust are important

3. What do we know?

3.1. Teachers need to be caring and unbias

3.1.1. SOF Instead of favoring Annie, Ms Jia could give opportunity to the other students

3.2. Teachers need enthusiasm to motivate their students

3.2.1. SOF Ms Jia is merely rushing the syllabus and not engaging her students with creative activity

3.3. Lack introductory focus

3.3.1. SOF Immediately wrote a question on the board instead of an introduction of the topic

3.4. Safe and orderly class

3.4.1. SOF quarreling in class Minah got scolded by another student