Clean Water and Sanitation

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Clean Water and Sanitation by Mind Map: Clean Water and Sanitation

1. Potential Needs with this SDG

1.1. Technology that causes no human wastes and environmental issues.

1.1.1. The Sewerless toilet created by the Helbing group that turns human waste into drinkable water and charcoal which can be used as a fuel.

1.1.2. Dry-Flush Toilet created by the Cranfield University that turns human defecate into water for planting

1.2. People who can fund these developing world

1.2.1. Bill & Melinda gates who has funded the reinvented toilet challenge

1.3. Clean Water

1.4. No human waste

1.5. Clean bathrooms

2. Who it affects directly

2.1. The environment which gets affected by these wastes

2.1.1. The human defecate "end up in aquatic systems thereby causing harm to aquatic life".

2.2. 2.3 billion people that don’t have access to sanitation

2.2.1. 950 million people around the world still defecate outside and "157 million people in Indian cities—37 percent of the urban population—lack a safe and private toilet" still defecate outside.

2.3. The people who get affected by diseases caused by the wastes

2.3.1. According to UN "Diseases caused by poor sanitation and unsafe water kill more children, some 1.4 million per year, than measles, malaria, and AIDS combined."