ASG (Auto Scaling Groups)

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ASG (Auto Scaling Groups) by Mind Map: ASG (Auto Scaling Groups)

1. Attributes

1.1. Launch Configuration

1.1.1. AMI + Instance Type assigned to EC2

1.1.2. EC2 User Data

1.1.3. EBS Volumes

1.1.4. Security Groups

1.1.5. SSH Key Pair

1.2. min/max size, initial capacity

1.3. Network + Subnets Info

1.4. LB Information

1.5. Scaling Policies

1.5.1. Rules avg cpu usage requests on ELB per instance Average in Network in/out

1.5.2. Auto scaling Alarms (Cloud Watch)

1.5.3. Custom Metric send to cloud watch - create alarm - use in policy

2. Why

2.1. Scale out

2.1.1. register EC2 to LB

2.2. scale in

3. Free of Cost