Healthcare IT

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Healthcare IT by Mind Map: Healthcare IT

1. Coding and Reimbursement Specialists

1.1. Knowledge of procedure codes for billing

2. Chief Information OffIcer (CIO)

2.1. Propose budgets, staff training and hiring

3. Chief Knolwedge Officer

3.1. Collects relevant data

4. Health Information Managers (HIM)

4.1. Managing health patient information

5. Health Insurance Specialist

5.1. reviews claims and determines eligibility

6. Health Services manager

6.1. Plans, coordinates, and supervises delivery of healthcare

7. Medical Assistant

7.1. Perform routine administrative and clinical tasks for doctors offices such as physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and optometrists offices

8. Medical Transcriptionist

8.1. Transcribe prerecorded dictation, creating medical reports (ex. history, physical, discharge summary) correspondence, and other administrative materials.