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Text Comprehension Questions by Mind Map: Text Comprehension Questions
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Text Comprehension Questions

Reading Tips: Be aware of why you are reading the text Preview and make predictions Read selectively Make connections and associations with the text based on what you already know Refine predictions and expectations Use context to identify unfamiliar words Reread and make notes Evaluate the quality of the text Review important points in the text Consider how the information might be used in the future

Questions before Reading

What is the story about?

What does the main character want?

Will he/she get it?

What clues does the title give me about the story?

What do I already know about .........?

What predictions can I make?

Questions After Reading

What is the meaning of what I have read?

Why did the author end the paragraph (or chapter, or book) in this way?

What was the author's purpose in writing this?

Which of my predictions were right?

What were the main ideas?

What connections can I make to the text?

Questions during Reading

What do I understand from what I just read?

What is the main idea?

What picture is the author painting in my head?

Do I need to reread so that I understand?