Nutrition and Learning

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Nutrition and Learning by Mind Map: Nutrition and Learning

1. "Gut-brain axis"

1.1. Our diet has an important influence on the bacteria in our gut and therefore this is another way that food can influence our learning, mood and behavior.

2. Brain requirements

2.1. The brain requires nutrients and energy from food to work properly.

2.2. Nutrients are the building blocks of the brain and without them it would not develop or work at all.

3. Important Nutrients

3.1. Magnesium

3.1.1. Needed for hundreds of processes, many of which are important for brain function including nervous system regulation, protein synthesis and making new neural connections.

3.2. Zinc

3.2.1. Needed to transport oxygen around the bloodstream which is critical for the brain to work properly.

3.3. Iron

3.3.1. Important for learning and memory, and low levels may contribute to depression and mental illness.

4. Food and Behavior

4.1. Children can react to a range of natural and artificially occurring substances and additives in food which can have mild to severe effects on their behavior and ability to focus.

5. omega-3 fatty acid DHA

5.1. Children who were underperforming at school showed improved learning and behavior after DHA supplementation.