The Right to bear arms on the USA

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The Right to bear arms on the USA by Mind Map: The Right to bear arms on the USA

1. glogster

2. quizlet

3. The UNITED-STATES is a trigger-happy Nation, Every freeman was required to have a gun for his own protection ; Videos :

3.1. a crazy country

3.2. surprising market of weapon

3.3. the columbine massacre

3.4. arizona shooting ( the program citizens defense league; anti-gun or dangerous people)

3.5. a VIRGINIA citizens defense league report (258 millions of weapons)

3.6. It's ordinary to carrying weapons

4. Problem

4.1. it's too easy to find weapon on the USA and there aren't age limit for purchasing and owning guns!

4.2. the first issue of american life is gun violence and the gun-ownership!

5. articles

5.1. sales of arms always increase

5.2. shoot-out are always present

5.3. weapons in some numbers

6. some figures, with the evolution of gun violence