Biomimetism - Renewable Energy - Circular Economy - Waste-to-Energy Conversion Cyanobac...

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Biomimetism - Renewable Energy - Circular Economy - Waste-to-Energy Conversion Cyanobacterias - Mixotrophy - Methanisation - Cogeneration by Mind Map: Biomimetism -    Renewable Energy -    Circular Economy -    Waste-to-Energy Conversion  Cyanobacterias - Mixotrophy - Methanisation - Cogeneration

1. Team

1.1. R&D

1.1.1. Cecile RODRIGUES (Project Manager)

1.1.2. Audrey TESTART

1.2. Qualité/Production

1.2.1. Melanie RIBAC

1.2.2. Lara BALLOT

1.3. Marketing

1.3.1. Aurore MOTEYO


2. Marketing

2.1. Business model Canvas

2.2. Market study (SWOT, PESTEL)

2.2.1. Competitors Direct Competitors : Algae Green Value (Bretagne) Evergaz (Guadeloupe) Engie (around 2030) Semi-Indirect Competitors → same system but with different raw materials (work on biogas production via cogeneration): Ecomax MWM Viessmann Véolia CHP MTM Energia RESET s.r.l (Italy) : bois, biomasse Westech PlanET Tecogen (product = Tecopower) ETW Energie EVO Indirect company SCTD Industries: M-300 Méthatec, home methanator (Fertilizant)

2.2.2. Target Energy Sector Companies Farmers

2.2.3. SWOT Strengths: * Many production possibilities: renewable energy, heat, biogaz and fertilisant (compost) * Source of stockable energy * Use of mixotrophic cyanobacterias → increase of the production * High quality fertilizer (by keeping azote) contrary to other methods Weaknesses: * Complex process which require a specific medium * Might be an important cost * Need to provide energy for the different processes Opportunities: * Potential partnerships with Universities (Descartes) and Start-Up (Kyanos Biotechnology) to provide cyanos * Potential clients (Energy companies, Farmers) * Growing market in renewable energy Threats: * Similar Patents (possibility to bypass it) * Few competitors in France and Asia * Limited opportunities in France in this field

2.3. Benchmark (comparative studies) Xerfi (BNF)

2.3.1. company SCTD Industries: M-300 Méthatec", home methanator

2.4. Brevet


2.5. Law

2.5.1. 2030, Energetic transition in Europe: 10% gas consumption and 40% electricity consumption should be renewable.

2.5.2. Bonus for electricity sell

3. Science

3.1. External partners private/public

3.1.1. Prof. Joachim Fensterle

3.1.2. Kyanos Biotechnologies

3.1.3. Descartes University

3.2. Bibliography (Pubmed)

3.2.1. Scientific data Algues Chlorella Vulgaris AFA Mixotrophy Euglena Gracis Methanization Energy Cogeneration Storage

4. Technique

4.1. Needs

4.1.1. Culture Medium mineral salt oligo-elements Cyanobactia able to do mixotrophy Capte CO2 Equipment light Buleur Cuve

4.1.2. Methanisation bacteria biomass Equipment

4.1.3. Stockage Gas Equipment

4.2. Bibliography on technique (Material and Methods of the article, use Pubmed)

4.2.1. Protocols Writing Validation Realization POC (Proof of Concept)

4.2.2. Technical key words TPM = Test du Potentiel Méthanogène Mixotrophy Cyanobacteria Methanisation Cogeneration

4.2.3. Patents ? Cyclotrophy

4.3. External partners private/public

5. Estimated budget

6. Patent (inpi)

6.1. Information/

6.1.1. Claims

6.1.2. Abstract

6.1.3. Authors and bibliography reference

6.2. "Soleau" envelop

7. Partnership

7.1. Descartes

7.2. Kyanos Biotech