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Crane by Mind Map: Crane

1. Forces

1.1. Which structoral components should I use while designing my crane to make it withstand internal forces?

1.2. Will different temperatures affect my crane?

1.3. Will my crane be able to support its own weight?

1.4. Will my crane withstand any type of natural disaster?

1.5. Will my crane stand live loads such as people or helicopters?

1.6. Which enternal or internal forces affect my crane the most? What can I do to prevent it from affecting my crane?

1.7. How should I strengthen my crane so that it wont collapse?

2. Form

2.1. Is my crane a solid, frame, shell, or combination structure?

2.2. Is my crane going to be symmetrical or assymetrical?

2.3. What kind of materials am I going to use to build my crane?

2.4. Will my crane's design include triangles or ther shapes?

2.5. Will the crane be longer on one side or not?

2.6. Where will my helicopter landing runway be

3. Stability

3.1. How can I improve the stability of my bridge?

3.2. Will adding too many structoral components make my bridge unstable?

3.3. Will putting too much weight on one side make my crane tilt the other way?

3.4. How wide and thick should the base of my crane be?

3.5. Is it better to put less weight on the top of my structure and more at the bottom, the opposite, or the same amount of weight at both points?

3.6. New node

3.7. New node

3.8. New node

4. New node