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Crane by Mind Map: Crane

1. Function

1.1. Form

1.1.1. Combination

1.1.2. Frame

1.1.3. Hollow/Shell

1.1.4. Solid

1.1.5. Is the crane a combination or frame?

1.1.6. What shape or structure will the crane resemble the most?

1.2. Forces

1.2.1. What forces will act on the crane? Where will the forces act on the crane? Will the damage be bad?

1.2.2. Will internal, external, or both act on the crane?

1.2.3. Which forces will the crane withstand?

1.2.4. Can the crane hold all the loads it takes? Can the crane hold the helicopter? Can the crane pick something up?

1.2.5. Why would the forces act on the crane?

1.2.6. Will the forces be harmful enough to break it in one hit or take a few hits?

1.3. Stability

1.3.1. Where will the center of gravity be?

1.3.2. Is the crane symmetrical?

1.3.3. What are all the materials used to build the crane? Are the materials strong enough?

1.3.4. Is the crane's plan good for a actual crane or is it poorly designed?

1.3.5. When the crane is built, will we build it good or be lazy?

1.3.6. How do the people who make the crane and build it make it as stable as possible?

1.3.7. Which component will be strongest to hold it up?

1.3.8. Which component will other people use more? Will that component make theirs strong?

1.3.9. If the crane looked like another structure, would the crane have used the same technics to make it strong? If we were missing a technic, and we used it, would we make it stronger?

2. By: Tiffany Tang, 7R