Forces & Pressure

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Forces & Pressure by Mind Map: Forces & Pressure

1. Calculating Pressure

1.1. SI unit for Pressure

1.1.1. Pascal (Pa)

1.2. Formula

1.2.1. force/area = pressure

1.3. force = weight of the object

2. Pressure

2.1. Amount of pressure

2.1.1. depends Area in contact with another surface Force applied

2.2. to increase pressure,

2.2.1. apply more force

2.2.2. decrease to surface area in contact with the ground

3. Types Of Forces

3.1. Gravitational Force

3.1.1. Everything possesses this force

3.1.2. Affects the weight of an object

3.1.3. Depends on the size of the planet

3.2. Magnetic Force

3.2.1. Magnetic Materials Mostly Metals Steel Iron

3.2.2. Force Of Attraction Unlike Pole Magnetics Materials Magnets

3.2.3. Force Of Repelsion Magnets Like-poles

3.3. Frictional Force

3.3.1. When two objects are rubbed against each other.

3.3.2. Advantages Keeps us warm Prevent slipping

3.3.3. Disadvantages Wear & Tear Causes accidents