Living Together

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Living Together by Mind Map: Living Together

1. Soil

2. Other Organisms

2.1. Bacteria and Fungi

2.2. Man's activities

2.2.1. Hunting

2.2.2. Poaching

3. Food

3.1. Prey

3.1.1. Animals that are being eaten

3.1.2. A prey is usually a herbivore or an omnivore

3.2. Predator

3.2.1. Animals that hunt or eat another animals

3.2.2. A predator is usually a carnivore or an omnivore

3.3. Animals compete with each other for food

3.4. Animals also risked being eaten by another animal

3.5. If animals cannot find food, they may die or move out to another habitat

3.6. Animals need food to survive