Systems(Lower block)

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Systems(Lower block) by Mind Map: Systems(Lower block)

1. Plant Systems

1.1. Parts of a plant

1.1.1. Roots Absorbs mineral salts and water from the soil Holds the plant firmly to the soil/ground

1.1.2. Stems Support branches and leaves Joins branches and leaves to the roots

1.1.3. Leaves Makes food for the plant

1.1.4. Flowers Reproductive structure of a plant that enables the plant to bear fruits and seeds

1.1.5. Fruit Contains and protect seeds

1.1.6. Seed Germinates to produce new plants

2. What is a System?

2.1. A System is made up of two or more parts that function together.

2.2. A System is made up of two or more parts that function together.

2.3. If one part is damaged or does not work correctly, the system will not be able to carry out its function properly.

2.4. Systems can be found in both man-made and natural things.

2.4.1. Examples Torch light: If the bulb is spoilt the torch light will not work

3. Human Systems

3.1. Type of Human Systems

3.1.1. Digestive System Parts Mouth Gullet/Oesphagus Stomach Small Intestines Large Instestines Anus Rectum Functions Breaks down food Absorbs digested food, nutrients, minerals and water used by the body Store undigested food until it is passed out

3.1.2. Respiratory System Parts Nose Windpipe Airtubes Lungs Air Sacs (Alveoli) Diaphgram Functions Takes in oxygen to be used by the body Removes carbon dioxide from the body

3.1.3. Circulatory System Parts Heart Blood Vessels Blood Functions Transport waste material like carbon dioxide away from different parts of the body Transport oxygen, digested food, nutrients, minerals and water to different parts of the body.

3.1.4. Skeletal System Parts 206 bones in the body including the skull, ribs and the back bone. Functions Supports the body and gives it shape Protects delicate organs like the heart and lungs

3.1.5. Muscular System Parts Muscles in the body Function Enables different parts of the body to move Enables us to do work and move things

3.1.6. Sense organ System Parts Eyes Ears Nose Tongue Skin Functions Enables us to see (Eyes) Enables us to hear (Ears Enables us to smell (Nose) Enables us to taste (Tongue) Enables us to feel (Skin)

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