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crane by Mind Map: crane

1. Why did I use them?

1.1. strut

1.2. lamanation

1.3. box beam

1.4. beam

1.5. column

1.6. cantilever

1.7. truss

1.8. tie

2. Form

2.1. What is my structure going to be?

2.1.1. shell

2.1.2. solid

2.1.3. frame

2.1.4. combanation

2.1.5. Why did i choose that?

2.1.6. How dose it make it stronger?

3. Center of gravity

3.1. Where is the center of gravity going to be?

3.1.1. Where do i want it to be?

4. Forces

4.1. what forces of going to impact the structure?

4.1.1. external forces point of applacation magnatude direction

4.1.2. internal forces torsion compression shear tension

4.1.3. How did I account for these forces?

5. Sability

5.1. What is going to make my structure stable?

5.2. What structural components did I use?

5.3. when do i use them?

5.4. Will symmetry or lamination help make it more stable?

5.4.1. How will it keep it more stable?

6. Purpose

6.1. what dose is it do?

6.2. Can it do it without having structural failure?