Domestic Abuse

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Domestic Abuse by Mind Map: Domestic Abuse

1. Solutions

1.1. Support Organisations

1.1.1. Women's Help Organisations to be more inclusive of all sexual orientations, not just heterosexual females and males

1.1.2. Men's Help Organisations

1.1.3. Gender Inclusive Shelters Bisexuals Lesbians/Gays Heterosexual

1.2. Education

1.2.1. Appropriate Relationship Practices Heterosexual/Homosexual Relationships

1.2.2. Understanding Mentality Low Self esteem/Self worth Trauma Mental Disorders

1.2.3. Awareness Abusive Methods Physical Emotional Sexual Coercion Signs emotional outbursts quick advances in the relationship

2. Situations

2.1. Power Disparity

2.1.1. Emotional Reliance Victims may have just gone through a divorce, break up or had a relative/friend pass away

2.1.2. Financial Imbalance Abuser relying on the victim financially Typically the victim is disadvantaged or reliant on their abuser in some other way Victim relying on the abuser financially Often times in such cases the victim is bound to the abuser by necessity.

2.1.3. Gender Disparity Religion Major (ie. Christianity) Minor Cults Religions, and religious organisations are the perfect breeding ground for abusers due to the emphasis on authority. Culture patriarchal society matrilineal society Gender/Social norms Roles of women and men

3. Issue

3.1. Victim Blaming

3.2. Emotional Trauma

3.3. Outcast

3.3.1. In certain cultures divorcees or "willful women" are seen as dishonorable.

3.4. Homicides

3.4.1. Even after leaving their abusive partner, victims are still at risk of stalking and possible murder from their abuser