Cherith Ostini, MLT - Future Medical Laboratory Scientist

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Cherith Ostini, MLT - Future Medical Laboratory Scientist by Mind Map: Cherith Ostini, MLT - Future Medical Laboratory Scientist

1. Home

1.1. The Home page introduces me and gives a snippet of information about my goals and qualifications.

1.1.1. Digital Story Video: This video will showcase my job experience and provide an engaging look into my employment history.

1.1.2. Digital Logo: This logo will be seen immediately on the Home page as well as throughout the website. This will create a brand for myself that will stick in the audiences' minds.

1.1.3. Screencast Presentation: My Home page may include a video that details what each tab of my website leads to and what may be found there.

2. Contact

2.1. The Contact page will allow potential employers to get in touch with me if they have questions.

2.1.1. Cover Letter and Resume: These will allow potential employers to contact me more directly through my phone number.

3. Course Projects

3.1. The Course Projects page will be a central hub for each location of my EDT321 projects, likely with links to each one.

3.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: I will modify a laboratory results photo to provide an explanation of what is being indicated.

3.1.2. Graphic Design with QR Code: I will make my QR code lead to my website so that people will not need to remember my URL.

3.1.3. Social Media PowerPoint Presentation: I will create slides based on an unfamiliar social media phenomenon that may be of professional interest to me in the future.

3.1.4. Screenshot: I may incorporate a screenshot of my website that explains how to locate certain files.

3.1.5. Google Products Group Research and Presentation: This collaborative presentation will be on the subject of an aspect of Google and its software. One or more of the Google products will be of use for my website.

4. Resources and Further Studies

4.1. The Resources and Further Studies page will provide links to outside pages that are useful in my field such as ASCP. It could also have links to additional reading on the subject of laboratory science.

4.1.1. Infographic: This will allow me to present the professional resources in a clear and concise manner, giving site visitors easy access to that information.

4.1.2. Google Form: This Google Form will be a place for site visitors to make suggestions on what other laboratory subjects they wish to see explained on my website.

4.1.3. Professional Web 2.0: I shall incorporate an outside resource such as a podcast that can educate further on medical laboratory science.

4.1.4. Animation: I will endeavor to create a short video that will explain a simple laboratory premise.

5. Blog

5.1. The blog section will chronicle my journey into becoming a Medical Laboratory Scientist and advancing my career.

5.1.1. Social Media: The on-site blog will be my implementation of social media on my website. This personal look into my journey will endear me to hiring managers.

5.1.2. Infographic: I will map out the data of what classes I will need and tests I have to complete in order to achieve my MLS certification.

5.1.3. Emerging Technologies Blog: A portion of my blog will also be dedicated to this course project where I will speak about my learning experience with coding.

5.1.4. App Prototype: I will create an app that aids in the navigation of my website's blog.

6. Tagline: A career site that shows prospective employers my credentials and personality.