Lesson Planning

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Present Lesson

1.1. Phonics: Students will sit in their seat away from their desk. The teacher reveals a card and student has to give the sound and letter the picture begins with.

2. Present Lesson

2.1. Phonics-Open with a song about phonics. The song will consist of letters being attached to pictures.

3. Comprehension

3.1. Students will be given an exit ticket

4. Comprehension

4.1. Centers: Students will be given pictures to sort under correct letters, teacher will take notes

5. Motivations

5.1. Students will get an incentive such as stickers

6. Motivations

6.1. Teacher attitude- be exciting, laugh with them. Make them feel it is not pressured to know the answer. Allowing the ones that don't know still feel it is okay to try anyway.