GA muscles

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GA muscles by Mind Map: GA muscles

1. Types

1.1. Concentric

1.1.1. Shortening of fibres

1.1.2. Biceps of arms

1.1.3. Agonsits are involved

1.2. Eccentric

1.2.1. Increase in length of fibres

1.2.2. Stablisation

1.2.3. Antagonist are involved

2. Erector spinae have these fibres

3. Red fibres are also called Slow twitch fibres

4. Prolonged and steady contraction

5. Abundant myoglobin and numerous mitochondira

6. Smaller diameter

7. Functions of muscles

7.1. Production of movements

7.2. Maintenance of posture

7.3. Heat production

8. Types of muscles

8.1. Smooth muscles

8.2. Cardiac muscles

8.3. Skeleton muscles

8.3.1. S.muscles fibre Red fibres White Larger diameter More fatigue Rapid contraction Also called fast twitch muscle Muscles of eye and hand have these fibre Intermediate These are modifications of white fibres which are resistant to fatigue now

8.3.2. Connective tissue Definition Forms Facia Components of muscles formed of connective tissue

8.3.3. Parts of muscle

8.3.4. Muscle attachments

8.3.5. Lubricating mechanism

8.3.6. Classification of skeleton muscles Shape based Muscles with fibres parallel to the line of pull Spiral muscles Cruciate muscles Circular muscles Muscles with fibres which are oblique to the line of pull Group action based Agonsits Antagonist s Synergists Fixators

8.3.7. Naming of muscles Shape Size Location or position Attachments Action Head of origin Direction of fibres

8.3.8. Blood supply

8.3.9. Nerve supply

8.3.10. Contraction of muscles Tonic contraction Slight contraction Normal degree of tension called muscle tone Helps in body posture and return of veinous blood During sleep it disappears Phasic contraction Willful and active contraction Types Reflexive contraction Automatic Not willful I.e diaphragm due to levels of oxy and CO2 Knee jerk of q.femoris

8.3.11. Muscles paralysis Def Plegia Hemiplegia Paraplegia Quadreplegia Paresis Hemiparesis

8.3.12. Muscle strain and spasm Definition