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Plumbing Blog by Mind Map: Plumbing Blog
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Plumbing Blog

A short guideline how to write a plumbing blog post. Define your steps, your guidelines and what has to be carefully planned.

4. Create an end

Leave it open

Ask your readers a question

Short summary, KISS (= Keep it simple and stupid)

Tell your opinion

2. Language

Talk to your readers, make conversation

Use bullet points and or numbering

Quick short paragraphs

1. Create a title

Should be catchy

Should make your readers get curious

Short, precise

Include Good Keyword

"Top 5 Plumbing Marketing Mistakes"

3. Content - Article To Be Written

Best Plumbing Franchise

1800 Plumbing

Top 10 Most Influential Plumbing Companies on Twitter

Write a review on this book (affiliate link)

Best Plumbing Software To Run Your Business

Plumbing trending news stories

Plumbing marketing advise and tips

Plumbing companies doing interesting stuff

5. Decorate

Add a picture

Add Video