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Cabbagetown Piano Studio by Mind Map: Cabbagetown Piano Studio

1. The Keyboard

2. Harmony

2.1. Tertian Harmonic Structures

2.1.1. Triad Major Minor Augmented Diminished

2.1.2. Triad Inversion Figured Bass Notation for Inverted Triads Pop Notation for Inverted Triads Assignment No. 1

2.1.3. Diatonic Triads Major Mode Natural Minor Mode

2.1.4. Seventh Chords Dominant Seventh Chord (Mm7) Major Seventh Chord (MM7) Minor Seventh Chord (mm7) Other Types of Seventh Chords Inversion of Seventh Chords Figured Bass Notation Pop Notation Assignment No. 1

2.1.5. Diatonic Seventh Chords Major Mode Natural Minor Mode

2.1.6. Other Types of Seventh Chords Minor-Major Seventh Chord Augmented-Major Seventh Chord Augmented-Minor Seventh Chord

2.2. Tonal Function

2.3. Twentieth-Century Harmonic Structures

3. Improvisation

3.1. Pop/Rock

3.2. Jazz

3.3. Blues

3.3.1. Left Hand Patterns

3.3.2. Blues Harmony

3.3.3. Melodic Characteristics

3.3.4. Notable Artists

3.3.5. Introductory Pieces 12-Bar Blues No. 1 12-Bar Blues No. 1 Simplified

3.4. Latin

3.5. Other Styles

4. Music Fundamentals

4.1. The Basics

4.1.1. Pitch and Pitch Class

4.1.2. The Staff, Clefs and Ledger Lines The Musical Alphabet Treble Clef Lines Spaces Ledger Lines Bass Clef Lines Spaces Ledger Lines "C" Clef Alto Clef Tenor Clef Soprano Clef The "Grand Staff"

4.1.3. Rythmic Notation Note Duration Measures and Time Signatures Rest Duration Dots and Ties Rhythm Practice Quarter- Half- Dotted-Half and Whole-Notes

4.1.4. Steps and Accidentals Accidentals Sharp Flat Natural Double-Sharp Double-Flat Microtonal

4.2. Scales and Key Signatures

4.2.1. Scales Solfege Major Mode Other Modes and Altered Syllables The Major Scale The Minor Scale Scale Degrees Tetrachord Scales Major Minor Other Scale Forms

4.2.2. Key Signatures Introduction and C Major Order of Sharps Order of Flats

4.3. Metre

4.3.1. Simple and Compound Metre

4.3.2. Odd Metres.

4.4. Intervals

4.4.1. Generic Intervals

4.4.2. Specific Intervals

4.4.3. Writing Intervals

4.4.4. Interval Inversion

5. Counterpoint

6. Introductory Hand Positions

7. Tools

7.1. Staff Paper Generator

7.2. Pop-up Piano

7.3. Tempo Tapper

8. Composition

8.1. Introductory Music Composition

8.2. Songwriting

8.3. Instrumental and Chamber Ensemble

8.4. Orchestral Ensemble

8.5. Choral Ensemble

9. Patterns

9.1. Right Hand Patterns

9.2. Left Hand

9.3. Combined Hand Patterns