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1. Oppertunities

1.1. Real Time Program Data by Region Professional Appearance as a Global Foundation

1.2. Credibility Increased Global Presence Increased Recognition Strengthened Fundraising Capacity

1.3. Research and Education Capacity

1.4. Entry into Healthcare Industry (Global?)

1.5. Creation of Prestigious Global Advisory Board (Application Process)

1.6. Stronger Media Influence

1.7. Can we create a stronger moral imperative?

1.8. Universal Market Approach

1.9. Optimize Case Studies

2. Threats

2.1. Duplicate Marketing Efforts

2.2. Fragmented Organizations articulate poor planning allowing other larger charities to corner market

2.3. Local organization will create individual goals alienating NVPs universal mission

2.4. Unclear HR standards can prove to undermine strong hiring practices

2.5. Zero control in how local NVP message brand and validate results

2.6. No controls in place to prevent an ACORN moment

3. Strengths

3.1. NVPF

3.1.1. Marketing Program Development Licensing International Outreach Global Sponsorships Pop-Culture/Celebrity Mass Event Coordination Human Resources

3.2. NVUS

3.2.1. Program Development a. Evidence Based Infrastructural a. Q/A b. Program Development c. Project Management d. HR c. Client Management Systems c1. Program Reports, Service Utilization, Quality Control d. National Health Care Provider d1. Medicaid d2. Network Linkage e. Professional Development and Staff Training f. fundraising bank g. risk management h. secured feed back look for program evaluation and program/service delivery I. Legislative plan

3.3. Market Entry

3.3.1. Organizational, Community, Individual Level Educational Prevention/Intervention Policy/Legislation/Advocacy

4. Weaknesses

4.1. Cannot validate universal program results

4.2. fundraising strategy (top to bottom) is fragmented

4.3. NVP partners cannot monetize knotted gun marketing strategies

4.4. no universal control mechanisms of program curriculum development, delivery, fidelity, assessment, reporting, evaluation (feedback look inoperable)

4.5. No policy, legislative, advocacy agenda

4.6. no universal press/media strategy

4.7. cannot guarantee local sustain without suffering financial losses

4.8. marketing direction is not inline with regional activites

4.9. Localities are required to monetize all marketing material

4.10. a fend-for-your-self mentality exist: NVP organizations are spinning wheals in the same directions, but on different paths.

4.11. No universal strategic plan

4.12. No universal definition for what success look like when it is achieved