Learning & Assessment

The importance for having both reliability and validity in the learning and assessment process

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Learning & Assessment by Mind Map: Learning  & Assessment

1. Reliability

1.1. Stability

1.1.1. Re-test or perform test twice to ensure reliability

1.2. Alternate Forms of Equivalence

1.2.1. Eliminates the problems of memorization

1.3. Internal Consistency

1.3.1. Test reliability can be estimated by splitting the test in half to determine the correlation

2. Validity

2.1. Criterion-Related

2.1.1. Concurrent - provides a good method of estimating validity

2.1.2. Predictive - predicts some future behavior of examinees and great for aptitude tests

2.2. Content

2.2.1. Is in line with instructional objectives

2.3. Construct

2.3.1. "Relationship to information correspons well with theories" (Kubiszyn & Borich, 2010, p. 332)