EDU 645 Learning & Assessment

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EDU 645 Learning & Assessment by Mind Map: EDU 645 Learning & Assessment

1. Reliability

1.1. Split Half Reliability

1.1.1. Assigning all items in first half of a test to one form and the second half to another form.

1.2. Test re test

1.2.1. a method of estimating reliability.

1.3. Alternate forms

1.3.1. When two equivalent forms of a test can be used to obtain an estimate of the reliability of the scores from a test.

2. Validity

2.1. Content Validity Evidence

2.1.1. establishes test questions

2.2. Criterion Related

2.2.1. Uses scores from previous tests to be correlated

2.3. Concurrent Criterion Related

2.3.1. Relates to measures that can be administered.

2.3.2. Measures whats to be validated. ie: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children.

2.4. Predictive Validity

2.4.1. A measure to see how well the test predicts future behaviors of examinees.

2.5. Construct Validity

2.5.1. Relates if the other information corresponds well with a theory.