The Road Home

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The Road Home by Mind Map: The Road Home

1. Text

1.1. Written By: Michael Dennis Browne

1.1.1. Desire for Simplicity Achieved through non-complex poetry More Universally relatable

1.1.2. Original Text Meaning A return to or coming home song Teach: Inspiration Coming home from a long journey

1.2. Language: English

2. Melody

2.1. In the Soprano Voice

2.1.1. Teach: "Do you hear the melody? Can you Sing it?" Sing soprano line as class How does the choir support this part?

2.1.2. Switches to solo during 3rd verse

2.2. Based on Pentatonic Scale

2.2.1. Teach: Solfege Symbols DRMSL, Then guide class in singing this. "How many notes did you hear?" "Does anyone know what this could be called? Teach Solfege Exercise on solfege Solfege the melody

3. Tonality

3.1. Key: F Major

3.1.1. Ionian

3.2. Harmony

3.2.1. Diatonic Most of the song Teach: Sing through F major Scale "Does anyone know what key we are in?"

3.2.2. Chromatic Only chromatic Step occurs in tenor line Ask: "What could this sudden break from the texture mean?"

3.3. No Secondary harmony

4. Rhythm

4.1. Meter Changes

4.1.1. 2 meters 3/4 Most of the song is in this meter Common meter in folk melodies 4/4 Only happens for one measure at a time 3 measures only

4.1.2. Teach: Meter Changes Teach different patterns Conduct through changes as class

4.2. Texture

4.2.1. Polyphonic Occurs during: Prelude Interlude Postlude Verses Teach: Have student sing known melody, then sing with them on embellished rhythm

4.2.2. Homophonic Teach: Have student sing a known song, then sing with them

4.3. Breathing

4.3.1. Unison Teach: "Breath together, Sing together" "When do we all breath at the same time?"

4.3.2. Stagger Teach: Sing: Give clear indication where you want no breathing 4 Bar Phrasing

5. Structure

5.1. Strophic

5.1.1. Prelude

5.1.2. Verse 1

5.1.3. Interlude

5.1.4. Verse 2

5.1.5. Interlude

5.1.6. Verse 3

5.1.7. Postlude

5.1.8. Teach: Talk through the "Road Map" of the song Say: Meaning of interlude is 'coming home' Ask: What could each verse mean? Explain what strophic means in music

5.2. Repeated Material

5.2.1. Verse 1 repeats to Verse 2

5.2.2. Interludes and Prelude are identical

5.2.3. Teach: Ask: Are any of these the same? Ask: How are they different? Discuss: How can we make repeated phrases feel different?

6. Logistics

6.1. Publication Information

6.1.1. Pub #: SP 370 (SATB)

6.1.2. Company: Paulus Publications

6.2. Voicings

6.2.1. SATB (SP 370)

6.2.2. SSAA (SP 370 sa)

6.2.3. TTBB (SP 370 tb)

6.3. Instruments needed:

6.3.1. none