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Facebook by Mind Map: Facebook

1. Safety

1.1. Website

1.1.1. 10 Facebook privacy settings

1.2. Video

1.2.1. Facebook safety for kids

2. In the media

2.1. BBC News

2.1.1. Article 30/12/11 Anuj Bidve murder: Police regret Facebook death news Cold Turkey for Facebook addict

2.2. Telegraph

2.2.1. Article In 75% of Facebook photos, Britons are drunk

2.3. Daily Mail

2.3.1. Article Article - student superimposed classmates pictures onto porn models in blackmail scam:

2.4. Mashable

2.4.1. Article Woman arrested for Facebook poke

2.5. Walesonline

2.5.1. Article man jailed for life after Facebook row murder

2.6. Other

2.6.1. First rule of teaching is that you don't talk about the teaching profession

2.6.2. Personal drinking photos could get teachers fired

2.7. CBS News

2.7.1. Did the internet kill privacy (report about teacher with drinking pictures on page)

3. Humour

3.1. Image

3.1.1. How future generations will remember us

4. Fakebook

4.1. lesson ideas

4.1.1. @chrisleach78 Monarchs

5. Images

5.1. Map of Facebook connections

6. Websites

6.1. How to set your school up on facebook

7. E-Books

7.1. FaceBook as a tool for improving student outcomes