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The world of work by Mind Map: The world of work
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The world of work

Новый узел

Types of work


shift work

manual work

challenging work


opposite number

working relationship



talk shop



to do a job-share

Daily work routines

clock in/clock out

nine-to-five job

to work flexi-time

to be on flexi-time




Different work-patterns

meet a deadline

heavy/light workload

to knock off

irregular hours

antisocial hours

to be stuck behind a desk

stress levels

stuck in a rut

Types of job

rewarding job

lucrative job

current job

repetitive job

monotonous job

mechanical job

glamorous job


Skills and abilities

transferable skills



up-and coming

able to communicate

interpersonal skills

statistical skills

analytical skills

problem-solving skills

What employers want us be able to do

to stand out from others

to have good working relations

to meet deadlines

to be ready to work irregular hours

to be ready to high stress levels

to make/ to give presentations

to arrange meetings

to set targets and achieve goals

to be commited/ passionate about work

to develop a network of professional contacts

to create and to implement new ideas

to save company resources

to take extra-care to do smth

to avoid embarrasing mistakes

to set the scene for smth

to keep smth punchy

to be factual not arrogant

to communicate effectively

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