Titus Andronicus Character Map

A map that shows the interrelations of most characters in The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus.

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Titus Andronicus Character Map by Mind Map: Titus Andronicus Character Map

1. Chiron (killed by Titus and baked)

2. Lucius

3. Titus Andronicus (Killed by Saturninus)

4. Quintus (Head Severed)

5. Martius (Head severed)

6. Lavinia

7. Marcus Andronicus

8. Publius

9. Mutius (killed by Titus)

10. Aaron (Killed by Lucius)

11. Demetrius (killed by Titus and baked)

12. Alarbus (sacrificed by Titus)

13. Tamora (killed by Titus)

14. Saturninus

15. Bassianus (killed by Aaron)

16. Son/Daughter

17. Murder

18. Brother

19. Rape/Persuasion to do so

20. Lovers