Whats That Startup Fetii

Fetii is the leading provider of on demand group transportation with millions of satisfied customers to date. Founded by Justin Rath

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Whats That Startup Fetii by Mind Map: Whats That Startup Fetii

1. Fetii: What's That Start Up? | Founded by Justin Rath & Matthew Iommi

2. Taking several vehicles just so everyone can get to the same destination can be a hassle. Those days are long over now that Fetii has come into the picture. Fetti is an integrated social and ride-sharing app that provides on demand group rides as well as a platform for users to create and chat about their upcoming events. Fetii has created a new digital world where its users are free to chat, create experiences, and book group rides, all in one fetii app. How it Started Pyro Equity, a business development firm managed by world class investors Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath, is known for its success in building and scaling multiple technology-based businesses. Using its elite team of digital marketers, developers, and managers, Pyro Equity is equipped to invest in startups and build them into titans of that industry. Source Link: https://www.whatsthatstartup.com/fetii/