Fair Assessment of Teams

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Fair Assessment of Teams by Mind Map: Fair Assessment of Teams

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Students

1.2. Teachers

1.3. Debbie

1.4. School Board

1.5. Research Team

2. Time

2.1. 24 Hours for 1 week

2.2. 6 hours/ person

3. Sponsor

3.1. Debbie

4. 1. Plan (Everyone)

4.1. Divide Tasks within team

4.1.1. Research

4.1.2. Evaluate

4.1.3. Outline

4.1.4. Presentation

4.2. Cost

4.2.1. $480 = 24hrs * $20/hr

4.3. Create schedule for the workshop

5. 2. Research (Matt)

5.1. Brainstorm different ways of grading teams

5.2. Research team grading options used in the past by schools

5.3. Research team grading options used by companies

5.4. Give Pros/Cons to the grading option

5.5. Provide substantial data showing validation for research

5.6. How many work shop instructors needed?

5.7. What is the best idea?

6. Evaluation based on research (Josh)

6.1. ___ has been used in the past by many schools and colleges

6.1.1. Peer review

6.1.2. Self evaluation

6.2. ___ has been used in the past by companies

6.2.1. Peer review

6.2.2. Self evaluation

6.2.3. Quantitative evaluation

6.3. Data:

6.3.1. Peer review, especially anonymous, is the most popular.

6.4. Pros to Peer review:

6.4.1. Every person gets to grade each others performance, including their own.

6.4.2. Multiple perspectives of how each team member performed.

6.5. Cons to Peer review:

6.5.1. Bias feelings toward certain team members.

6.5.2. A person can grade themselves an unfair rating.

6.6. Workshop instructors needed:

6.6.1. Debbie

6.7. Source: Top methods for Employee performance evaluation

7. Workshop Outline (Mike)

7.1. Introductions, Presentation and Warm-up Exercise

7.1.1. Introduce group leaders, Present main presentation, and First exercise for everyone to meet

7.2. Hands On Exercise

7.2.1. Break into groups to discuss first evaluation tactics

7.3. Second Presentation

7.3.1. Second presentation on key points and introduce next exercises

7.4. Second Hands On Exercise

7.4.1. Break out into same teams and try newly presented team evaluation tactics

7.5. Video

7.5.1. Present video on students working together and have teachers discuss how they would evaluate the team

7.6. Summarize Main Points and Next Steps for the classroom

8. Presentation (Ralph)

8.1. Powerpoint presentation with detailed findings for board meeting

8.2. Quantitative Graphs

8.3. Accurate step by step training plan for training day