COAH Module Pre-selection Process Guide

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COAH Module Pre-selection Process Guide by Mind Map: COAH Module Pre-selection Process Guide

1. Technical

1.1. Student Records ACU

1.1.1. Intranet capacity

1.1.2. Intranet access Admin for module changes Students for online enrolment

2. Administrative responsibilities

2.1. College Office

2.1.1. Student queries

2.1.2. Inputting module changes

2.1.3. Contact details and office hours for academic staff

2.1.4. Assist with dept emails as required

2.1.5. Assist with room bookings as required

2.2. Academic Office

2.2.1. Module maintenance

2.2.2. Quality review Compulsory modules Credit imbalances

2.2.3. Reports to HoDs and Directors of UG studies

2.3. HoC Office

2.3.1. Collate info on electives

2.3.2. College-level communications Staff Students

2.3.3. Maintain overview of process

3. Communications / Information

3.1. Students

3.1.1. Who L1 L2 LS Joint Hons COAH Joint Hons Other College

3.1.2. What Dept guidance Varies: briefing doc and/or session College-level guidance re enrolment process Initial guidance to coincide with Student Records email Information on elective modules University-level information from Student Records First week of May?

3.2. Staff

3.2.1. Keep in loop with College level comms Copies of College emails to students Copies of electives info

4. Areas for development

4.1. Student survey

4.2. Communications

4.2.1. Central information source

4.2.2. Templates for dept guidelines

4.2.3. Better guidance on online enrolment

5. Departmental responsibilities

5.1. Decisions on module offer for next year

5.2. Guidance to students on programme requirements

5.2.1. Briefing document Copies to HoC Office

5.2.2. Briefing session

5.3. Individual advice to students

5.3.1. Info on relevant contacts to College Office, HoC Office and Academic Office

5.4. Information on elective modules to HoC Office

6. Timing factors

6.1. Dept decisions on module offer for next year

6.1.1. Confirmation by mid-March

6.2. Module and programme maintenance

6.2.1. Completion required before pre-selection starts

6.3. Pre-selection process

6.3.1. Runs May / June Agree start time Jan / Feb

6.3.2. Exact start date / time Check exam clashes Check other clashes eg work placements Check module maintenance will be completed