Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation by Mind Map: Marketing Automation

1. Missing data

1.1. Leads are not connected to a Company

1.2. Missing data points on people

1.2.1. Last name

1.2.2. Municipality

1.2.3. ... anything when we use a Marketo form to capture data

1.2.4. ... or existing forms

2. Cannot trust the data

2.1. Bounceback

2.1.1. Soft-bounce

2.1.2. Hard-bounce Are we sending email to bounces? Or does Marketo stop sending to these. Can we find out how many leads we have that are hard-bounced & soft-bounce.

2.2. Marketo

2.2.1. Leads do not have email Some Leads have a trial ongoing within the school. Are all users connected to a school sent from Zero to Marketo? Where are these leads coming from? Zero or Form

2.3. Manually entered data

2.3.1. For example, school name is mis-typed

2.3.2. We could do a cleanup with the Zero ID

2.3.3. SFDC could be used to update the Account & Subscription data (if they are connected to an Account)

2.4. Marketing processes

2.4.1. Leads have not updated their newsletter interests in a long time (DK) - older data

2.4.2. Old outdated email addresses

2.5. DK

2.5.1. Do all teachers that have a UniLogin ID automatically added as users in Zero and subsequently sent over to Marketo?

2.6. SE

2.6.1. What happens when a user is added from within the school? I.e. a colleague invites another teacher to the school account

3. Problem connecting people to a school

3.1. Leads are not connected to an Account

3.1.1. Connection point is the Zero Id

3.1.2. We cannot use the email address

3.1.3. Why? Sign up via a form Use a private email or school email (it doesnt matter) If they do not login we cannot add the Zero ID on that record When they login what actually happens in the backend to add the Zero ID on that lead? Sandra has seen users that have logged in and done activities that show they are users, but they are still not connected to a Zero ID

3.1.4. How big is the problem? DK 14400 SE 831 Could be duplicates in case Marketo does not have

3.1.5. What problems does this cause? All of these are non-users We are sending them wrong communications / instructions, for example Start a trial when they already have a trial Sign up a subscription, when they already have one. Marketing is spending time producing content in order to continue communicating and pushing them to start a trial. We are spending money on Facebook targeting these users

4. Connection to Sales & Implementation:

4.1. Sales cannot update “opt-out”

4.2. Trouble sending leads to Sales

5. Summary

5.1. To investigate - Critical

5.2. To investigate

5.3. Actions

5.3.1. Sandra to ask Pardot + Marketo whether we can use the Accounts in a online form For example, when a user chooses a school from the trial list, we want to display all SFDC accounts in the drop down menu.

5.3.2. Sandra to investigate when a user is being sent to Marketo from Zero (i.e. what is the trigger)?

5.3.3. Sandra to investigate if we are still sending emails to hard-bounces as this could blacklist us.