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Sterilization by Mind Map: Sterilization
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Physical Method


Dry, Red Heat, Redness, Flaming, Without Redness, Incineration, Dead Bodies, Infra Red Rays, 180 C, Hot - Air Oven, Precaution, Uses

Moist, Below 100 C, Pasteurization of milk, Sterilization of serum, At 100 C, Boiling, Steaming, Koch’s Sterilizer):, Tyndallization, Above 100 C (Autoclave), Principles, Uses


•Removing bacteria from fluids by passing them through filters with pores so small that bacteria are arrested.

Uses, Toxin, Sera & Vaccine

Efficiency, Serratia marcescens / 0.75 um

Types, Asbestos paper, Cellulose membrane



Ionizing irradiation, Cobalt 60

Chemical Method


Formaldehyde, room disinfectant.

Ozone (O3):, sterilization of water.

Aerosol, Vaporized / room disinfectant.

Ethylene oxide:, Lethal to all kinds of microbes


Chloroform, 0.5% used for preservation of sera.

Phenol group, Stool & Sputum

Lysol, surgical instruments .

Salts of heavy metals

Formalin, Germicidal & Wool & vaccines

Halogens, Iodine & Tincture iodine & Chlorine

Oxidizing agents, Potassium permanganate H2O2

Alcohol, Need Water