The Best Plans, talk by Doron Tzur

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The Best Plans, talk by Doron Tzur by Mind Map: The Best Plans, talk by Doron Tzur

1. Exercise

1.1. Write a plan for making progress in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

2. Goal

2.1. develop plans of "what should be done & what would it lead to", such that the moral audiences of each player will

2.1.1. Understand them

2.1.2. Estimate as feasible

2.1.3. Will prefer over continuation of the conflict

3. 25 plans were collected


4. Anyone can comment on plans, inline

5. 4 sessions, of total 450 participants, in which 25% filled questonairs, ranking the plans

5.1. & also indicating whether they would vote for them in referendum

6. Some plans seem to be accepted by both Israelies & Palestinians participants

7. Learned that

7.1. Very difficult to listen to someone thinking otherwise, & much easier to classify & undermine it, ascribe hidden motives

7.2. People agree to participate but wouldn't make continuous efforts for such process

7.3. Deliberation is required for development of thinking & understanding by participants

7.3.1. People know very little

7.3.2. Most change their minds during deliberation process

8. Challenges

8.1. Develop listening

8.2. Recruiting & presercing participants/audiences

8.3. Engagement

8.4. Language barriers