Ghosts Are Real

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Ghosts Are Real by Mind Map: Ghosts Are Real

1. History

1.1. Not a phenomena like Big foot or UFO

1.2. Ghost stories in Greeks and Romans books

1.2.1. => Convincing Evidence of Ghost Existence

2. Witnesses - seen ghosts

2.1. Undeniable truth

2.2. 45% of Americans believe in Ghost

2.2.1. 28% seen a ghost

2.3. Not only the Americans, but also the others in the world

3. Sounds

3.1. Do experiments

3.1.1. record all the sounds in a haunted house Record some of footstep, laughter and even terrible voice.

4. Photos/Videos

4.1. People took photos

4.1.1. See scary thing in the photo -> Ghost

4.2. Recorded Videos by surveillance camera

4.2.1. Found the ghost Moving chairs without impact from human or anything else Umbrella opened automatically Some weird entities were moving around the house.

5. Witnesses - near death exp

5.1. The people who die and live again

5.2. Great Tangshan (Đường Sơn) Earthquake, china, 1976.

5.2.1. Doctors saved many victims

5.2.2. Almost of victims went to another world, the people was able to understand each other without talking.