Future Tenses

Tarea Ingles I

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Future Tenses by Mind Map: Future Tenses

1. Will

2. Goin to

3. +subjet+verb ''To be'' (Conjugated in present)+ going to+verb(Base form)+compl.

4. We are not going to travel this weekend

5. The trafic is terrible. We are going to miss our flight.

6. -subj+verb''To be'' (conjugated in present+not+going to+verb(base form)+compl.

7. Are you goin to at home tonight?

8. ?verb ''to be''(conjugated in present+not+going to+verb (base form

9. The president will serve for fouryears

10. +subjets+will+verb (base form)+compl.

11. -Subjet+will+not+verb (base form)

12. I'm sure you will not like Jhon.

13. Will you doa good job?

14. ?Will+subj+verb(base form)compl?