The effectiveness of using ICT to help university students learn advanced mathematics

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The effectiveness of using ICT to help university students learn advanced mathematics by Mind Map: The effectiveness of using ICT to help university students learn advanced mathematics

1. Q1.Does ICT enhance students' learning in advanced mathematics? If so, What the different between ICT teaching and traditional teaching?

1.1. C1.1 Role of ICT

1.1.1. D1.1.1 High technology tool Q. What kinds of ICT tool to teach and learn advanced mathematics?

1.1.2. D1.1.2 Self-learning assistant Q. How to assist students learn the knowledge? Q. To what extent it can help the students?

1.1.3. D1.1.3 Information provider Q. What kinds of information do the students want?

1.2. C1.2 Persistance of student effort

1.2.1. D1.2.1 Learning ability Q. What kinds of learning ability? Q. Is it mean the students do not need the teacher?

1.2.2. D1.2.2 Solving problem ability Q. students can solve the problem of mathematics by themselves? Q. What the benefit from solving problem?

1.2.3. D1.2.3 Motivation of learning Q. Do you think it is necessary of using ICT in classroom? Q. Do students begin to like study mathematics? Q. Do students have the motivation on other difficulty course?

1.3. C1.3 Compare

1.3.1. D1.3.1 Advantage Q Does ICT easy for teacher use? Q Is it possible for all the course to use ICT to educate students?

1.3.2. D1.3.2 Disadvantage Q It may costs a lot of money because implementation ICT, how can school deal with this problem? Q Do all the teachers accept the change of teaching method?

1.3.3. D1.3.3 Importance of ICT implementation Q What can school get from ICT implementation? Q Is it a tendency that ICT will replace the traditional teaching method?

2. Q3.Besides students learning ability enhanced, what else improve due to the ICT?

2.1. C3.1 School level Change

2.1.1. D3.1.1 Organization structure change Q. What will bring due to the change?

2.1.2. D3.1.2 Strategy change Q. Do school leader consider more about introduce ICT into all the course?

2.1.3. D3.1.3 Policy change Q. What policy change? Macroscopical? Microcosmic?

2.2. C3.2 Class level Change

2.2.1. D3.2.1 Teachers' ability Q Do teachers need more training? practice?

2.2.2. D3.2.2 Integrate ICT in whole school Q. What is the block of this issue?

2.2.3. D3.2.3 Quality of pedagogy Q With the quality of teaching improved, what will take place on students?

3. Q2.What are students' attitudes about using ICT during the class

3.1. C2.1 ICT use

3.1.1. D2.1.1 Variety of use Q. Can other resources connect to the ICT tools?

3.1.2. D2.2.1 Place of use Q. In or out the school, not only students but also teacher, do they willing to study?

3.1.3. D2.3.1 Extention of use Q. How to use the ICT in other aspects in school?

3.2. C2.2 Attitudes

3.2.1. D2.2.1 Positive attitudes Q. Why they are willing to use ICT, just improve the learning ability?

3.2.2. D2.2.2 Negative attitudes Q. Why they will have negative attitudes? Hate learning? Hard to use ICT?

3.2.3. D2.2.3 Not to matter Q. How to change the learning habit?