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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Definition of energy

1.1. The capacity/power to do work by the application of force.

1.2. The ability to do work or to produce a change.

2. Energy Conversions

2.1. Space shuttle:

2.1.1. Chemical Potential Energy-> Kinetic+Heat+Sound+Light

2.2. Green leaves:

2.2.1. Light Energy->Chemical Potential Energy

2.3. Pile driver

2.3.1. Gravitational Potential Engery-> Heat+Kinetic+Sound

2.4. Radio:

2.4.1. Electrical Energy->Heat+Sound

3. Forms of Energy

3.1. Solar Energy

3.2. Heat Energy

3.3. Light energy

3.4. Thermal energy

3.5. Nuclear Energy

3.6. Mechanical Energy

3.7. Potential Energy

3.7.1. Chemical Potential Energy

3.7.2. Gravitational Potential Energy

3.7.3. Elastic Potential Energy

3.8. Kinetic Energy

3.9. Electrical Energy

3.10. Sound Energy

3.11. Wind Energy