SCR iPad Menu Collaboration Project

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SCR iPad Menu Collaboration Project by Mind Map: SCR iPad Menu Collaboration Project

1. Specification

1.1. Client

1.1.1. Diners, including visiting professors, students, or current staff at Hong Kong University Senior Common Room (SCR)

1.2. Supervisor

1.2.1. Dr. Vincent Tam (SCR Board Committee Member)

1.2.2. Dr. Daniel Churchill (SCR Board Committee Chair)

1.3. Brief Description

1.3.1. Development and digitization of the current SCR menus (including the Western, Chinese, and Fusion restaurants) in collaboration with HKU EEE students

1.4. Aims & Objectives

1.4.1. Menu Designs 3 different designs Have the dimensions of 1024-by-768-pixel resolution, at 132 pixels per inch (standard iPad) Color scheme of two to three colors Incorporate SCR photographs, including images of the restaurant and the food served Ensure the photographs used are edited on Photoshop to a professional level Ensure the food and drink pricing lists are accurate and legible User-friendliness Unique selling point

1.4.2. Efficient Collaboration Communication with client/students/supervisors Skype Video Phone Voice Written (emails, documentations, chat rooms) Sharing work Flickr Tumblr Google Docs ePortfolio/blog Dropbox

1.4.3. Smooth implementation Surveys (Google Surveys, Survey Monkey, etc) SCR visitation Test-runs

1.4.4. Photo-editing/Graphic Design Skills Variety of resources (books, online tutorials, videos, magazines, etc) Document tutorials for future reference Reflect knowledge in final designs Screen-shots/Jing for documentation

1.4.5. ePortfolio Blog posts Self-reflections Video documentation

1.5. Problem

1.5.1. Not aesthetically pleasing

1.5.2. Not efficient enough

1.5.3. Not memorable to foreign visitors

1.5.4. Not digitized

1.6. Solution

1.6.1. Transformations Digitized Increased efficiency; less human error Quick billing Revolutionary Innovative design & software

2. Facilities

2.1. Computer-based Tools

2.1.1. Photo-Editing Photoshop Picasa iPhoto

2.1.2. Graphic Design Fireworks Sketchbook Express

2.1.3. Sharing/Collaboration Google Docs Dropbox Flickr Tumblr ePortfolio

2.1.4. Surveying Survey Monkey Google Surveys Primary Research

2.1.5. Video iMovie Youtube

2.2. Physical

2.2.1. Computer

2.2.2. Video-recorder

2.2.3. Camera

2.2.4. Phone (for interviews)

2.2.5. Drawing pad

2.3. Access to Senior Common Room (SCR)

3. Analysis

4. Design

5. Implementation

6. Testing

7. Evaluation