English part one

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English part one by Mind Map: English part one

1. Singular

1.1. A

1.1.1. We use it before consonant sound Example: A church

1.2. An

1.2.1. We use it before vowel sound Example: An onion

2. Countable and uncountable

2.1. Countable

2.1.1. Can be counted and have both a singular and plural form Example: A tree / One tree

2.2. Uncountable

2.2.1. Can't be counted, only have a singular form Example: Much wine

3. Some and any

3.1. Any

3.1.1. Uncountable and plural nouns, we can use it in questions and negative sentences Example: I don't have any cheese

4. A lot of / A lots of

4.1. We use it whit uncountable and plural countable nouns

4.1.1. Example: A lot of / A lots of snow falls in winter

5. Much and many

5.1. Much

5.1.1. We use it whit uncountable nouns Example: There isn't much milk in the refrigerator

5.2. Many

5.2.1. We use it with plural countable nouns Example: There aren't many potatoes in the refrigerator

6. How much? / How many?

6.1. How much?

6.1.1. We use it with uncountable for ask about a quantity Example: How much milk is there?

6.2. How many?

6.2.1. We use it whit countable to ask about the number Example: How many cans of lemonade do we need?

6.2.2. Some Countable and plural nouns, we can use in affirmative and questions Example: We have some cheese and some mushrooms