Themes of life and human condition

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Themes of life and human condition by Mind Map: Themes of life and human condition

1. Daily experiences,struggles, and actions of individuals are determined by the question of whether life is meaningful or not, worth living or otherwise.

1.1. Africans are of belief life is meaningful in life experiences.

1.1.1. Life is meaningful despite death

2. Themes,issues,and problems in African philosophy.

2.1. Argues senses of meaning and meaningless both play parts in African existential philosophizing.

2.1.1. Also argues life could be meaningless.

2.2. Meaning of life lays in a persons daily activities and struggles to live a characterized life by peaceful coexistence

2.3. Examples: old age, childbearing, contribution to communal surviving.

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3. The journal aims at publishing scholarly articles in any branch of philosophy and related disciplines. It shows a special interest in articles which encourage philosophising within the content of Africa.

4. Edited by Isaac E. Ukpokolo (PGS:241-254)

4.1. M.L Igbafen

4.1.1. author of several essays published in learned journals including the Journal of Black Studies, and Cultura: International Journal of the Philosophy of Culture and Axiology.

4.1.2. Professor of philosophy Specializes in epistemology

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5. Life is meaningless

5.1. “A Clean Well lighted place”

5.2. By Ernest Hemingway

5.2.1. Life, on the basis of modernist fiction, is meaningless.

5.2.2. DescriptionErnest Miller Hemingway was an American journalist, novelist. had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his adventurous lifestyle and his public image brought him admiration from later generations.

5.3. “The Nobel Prize in Literature 1954.”,

6. Describes how everyone is just a speck in the world.

6.1. In the short story, charactferization through the words of the older waiter is utilized to reveal traits of the old man and subsequently support Hemingway’s stance on the value of life.

7. characterization light and dark imagery, makes a profoundly cynical and depressing statement about life: it is meaningless, tying this back to Hemingway’s concept of nada, nothingness and illuminating the work’s theme.

7.1. Ernest Hemingway proposes the aforementioned concepts and advances the notion that a single person’s life has no value and is meaningless.

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