Chemical Bonds

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Chemical Bonds by Mind Map: Chemical Bonds

1. Metallic Bonds

1.1. Positively charged metallic ions surrounded by cloud of electrons

1.2. Electrons move freely among ions making conductivity of electricity

1.3. Electrons not held tightly to the nucleus

2. Covalent Bonds

2.1. Occur between nonmetals

2.2. Weaker than ionic bonds

2.3. Valence electrons shared between atoms

2.4. Polar covalent when one atom has greater pull on electrons

3. Ionic Bonding in Metals

3.1. In reactions, metals give electrons due to strength of protons in nucleus.

3.2. Ionic bonds occur between metals and nonmetals

3.3. Become more stable when in ionic compounds

3.4. Valence electrons transferred between atoms