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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Different types of energy

1.1. Kinetic energy

1.2. Potential energy

1.2.1. Chemical potential energy New node

1.2.2. Gravitational potential energy

1.2.3. Elastic potential energy

1.3. Light energy

1.4. Heat energy

1.5. Sound energy

1.6. Electrical energy

1.7. Nuclear energy

1.8. Magnetic energy

1.9. Radiant

2. Definition of Energy

2.1. Helps us do things

2.2. Ability to do work

2.3. The power to change things

2.3.1. New node

3. Energy conversion

3.1. Space shuttle

3.1.1. Kinetic energy from the space shuttle (to produce the fire for energy) to heat and light energy from the space shuttle to kinetic energy from the space shuttle (taking off)

3.2. Pile Driver

3.2.1. Kinetic energy from the crane (to press the driver in) to kinetic energy of the driver (being pushed into the land)

3.3. Green leaves

3.3.1. Light energy from the sun to chemical potential energy from the plant (to make food from chlorophyll)

3.4. Windmill

3.4.1. Kinetic energy of the wind to Kinetic energy of the windmill's blades (blades turning) to Electrical energy (producing energy)