7 Mind Mapping Examples in 1 Map

One diagram containing 7 different examples of ways to use mind mapping for brainstorming, organization, planning, and educational purposes

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7 Mind Mapping Examples in 1 Map by Mind Map: 7 Mind Mapping Examples in 1 Map

1. Mind Mapping Long-term Goals

1.1. Writing a Fiction Book

1.1.1. Part 1: Obtaining book-writing information

1.1.2. Part 2: Getting thoughts together for creation

1.1.3. Part 3: Creating rough draft

1.1.4. Part 4: Submitting draft to peers

1.1.5. Part 5: Making changes based on feedback and new ideas

1.1.6. Part 6: Submitting finished work to publishers

1.2. Obtaining piano experience

1.2.1. 1. Purchasing keyboard/piano

1.2.2. 2. Researching available classes or tutors

1.2.3. 3. Purchasing simple piano books to practice by self

1.2.4. 4. Keeping improvement in place by making plans to play for others, or in public

1.2.5. 5. Passing on teaching to another person to solidify the training and knowledge

2. Mind Mapping Monthly Expenses

2.1. November

2.1.1. Bills Rent $800 Gas $50 Electricity $60 Phone $50

2.1.2. Academics Books $300 Classes $1500 Tutor $250

2.1.3. Food Grocery $200 Eating outside $130

2.1.4. Investments Monthly savings $100 Stocks $200

2.1.5. Entertainment CDs $40 Movie Theater $40 Books $30 Snowboarding $100

3. Mind Mapping A Book To Increase Comprehension

3.1. The Great Gatsby

3.1.1. Chapter 1 Narrator is Nick Carraway Gatsby is located in rich West Egg area of Long Island New York Nick is from East Egg, and doesn't fit in with others Nick sees Gatsby for the first time

3.1.2. Chapter 2 Between West and East Egg is a plain where ashes are dumped Nick meets Myrtle, Wilson's wife, and attends a party with them The ostentatious nature of the party attendees disgusts Nick, but he stays a little longer Nick leaves the party drunk

3.1.3. Chapter 3 Gatsby invites Nick to one of his luxurious parties Nick meets Gatsby at the party, and he is quite interesting Jordan has an informative meeting with Gatsby Nick describes his daily activities Nick begins going out with Jordan, even though he knows she is a dishonest person

4. Mind Mapping A Topic

4.1. Neuroscience

4.1.1. Anatomy of the Brain Overview of Nervous System Development of the NS Meninges and Cerebrospianl Fluid Blood Supply of CNS

4.1.2. The Neuron Histology Electrophysiology of Neurons Synaptic Transmission Neurotransmitters

4.1.3. Organization of the Central Nervous System Spinal Cord Brainstem - Medulla, Pons and Cerebellum, and Midbrain Forebrain Cranial Nerves

4.1.4. Sensory Systems Somatosensory System Visual System Auditory and Vestibular Systems Olfaction and Taste

4.1.5. Motor Systems Upper Motor Neurons Basal Ganglia Cerebellum

4.1.6. Integrative Systems Autonomic Nervous System Reticular Formation Hypothalamus Limbic System Thalamus and Cerebral Cortex Vascular Syndromes Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders

5. Mind Mapping Your Day

5.1. Thursday

5.1.1. Group Project Call Tom and Alice Introduction Brainstorm for 10 minutes Introduce decided theme

5.1.2. Scheduled Items Work Meeting at 6

5.1.3. Health Exercise Run for 30 minutes Do 25 pushups in a row Nutrition Drink 6 cups of water Eat 2 apples

5.1.4. Habits Check e-mail only once every 2 hours Talk to 3 new people

6. Mind Mapping Vocabulary Word Roots

6.1. BEL: war

6.1.1. antebellum: before the war

6.1.2. rebel: a person who resists authority, control, or tradition

6.1.3. belligerent: warlike, given to waging war

6.2. BEN/BON: good

6.2.1. benign: having a kindly disposition

6.2.2. benediction: act of uttering a blessing

6.2.3. benevolent: desiring to do good to others

6.2.4. bonus: something given over and above what is due

6.2.5. bona fide: in good faith, without fraud

6.2.6. benefit: anything advantageous to a person or thing

6.3. CULP: blame

6.3.1. culprit: a person guilty for an offense

6.3.2. culpable: deserving blame or censure

6.3.3. inculpate: to charge with fault

6.3.4. mea culpa: through my fault; my fault

7. Mind Mapping Vocabulary Word Groups


7.1.1. altruistic

7.1.2. beneficient

7.1.3. clement

7.1.4. largess

7.1.5. magnanimous

7.1.6. munificent

7.1.7. philanthropic

7.1.8. unstinting


7.2.1. baleful

7.2.2. baneful

7.2.3. deleterious

7.2.4. inimical

7.2.5. injurious

7.2.6. insidious

7.2.7. minatory

7.2.8. perfidious

7.2.9. pernicious

7.3. TRUTH

7.3.1. candor

7.3.2. fealty

7.3.3. frankness

7.3.4. indisputable

7.3.5. indubitable

7.3.6. legitimate

7.3.7. probity

7.3.8. sincere

7.3.9. veracious

7.3.10. verity

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