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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. wood

1.1. using wood to start a fire

1.1.1. chemical potential energy to heat and light energy

2. forms

2.1. kinetic energy

2.2. heat energy

2.3. hydroelectric energy

2.4. light energy

2.5. wind energy

2.6. chemical potential energy

2.6.1. Energy stored in substances, such as, food and fuels

2.7. gravitational potential energy

2.7.1. Energy stored when an object is lifted above the surface of the Earth. The higher the object, the greater its gravitational potential energy

2.8. solar energy

3. what is meant

3.1. the ability to do work

3.2. produce a change

4. changes from one form to another

5. is conserved

6. electric toaster

6.1. electric energy to heat energy