the Romans Create a Republic

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the Romans Create a Republic by Mind Map: the Romans Create a Republic

1. The begining of Rome

1.1. found in 753 B.C

1.1.1. by Romulus and Remus

1.2. Greek settlers

1.2.1. latins,greeks,and etruscans

1.3. religious ideas

1.3.1. barrowed from greeks and etruscans

2. Early republic

2.1. Particians & Plebians

2.1.1. particians landowners with most power

2.1.2. Plebians common people who made up population

2.1.3. tribunes goverment officials protected rights of plebians

2.2. 12 tables

2.2.1. important victory creation of important law code

2.3. Goverment under republic

2.3.1. Rome had two officials called consuls

2.4. Roman Army

2.4.1. roman soldiers were organized into large military units called legions made up of 5000 heavily armed foot soldiers

3. rome spreads power

3.1. rome conquers italy

3.1.1. by 265 BC they were masters of all italy

3.2. romes network

3.2.1. easy access to mederterain sea and the richs it holds

3.3. war with carthage

3.3.1. went to war in 264 BC hanibal was military stratigious, who led them to victory

3.4. Rome controles mediterranian

3.4.1. rome victors in punic wars took control of macedonia,greece and parts of anatolia