The Romans Create a Republic

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The Romans Create a Republic by Mind Map: The Romans Create a Republic

1. The Early Republic

1.1. Patricians & Plebeians

1.1.1. Patricians were land owners who held most of the power.

1.1.2. Plebeians were common farmers, artisans, & merchants.

1.1.3. Tribunes were representatives

1.2. 12 Tables

1.2.1. Roman Law

1.3. Government under the Republic

1.3.1. Instead of a king they had 2 officials called consuls.

1.3.2. The senate was aristocratic branch of Romes government.

1.3.3. They could appoint a dictator (absolute power).

1.4. The Roman Army

1.4.1. Made up of 5000 heavily armed foot solders.

2. Rome Spreads Its Power

2.1. Rome concquers Italy

2.1.1. By 265 BC the Romans were masters of all Italy except the Po Valley.

2.2. Rome's commercial network

2.2.1. They traded Roman wine & olive oil.

2.2.2. The used the Mediterranean for trading.

2.3. War with Carthage

2.3.1. Went to war in 264 BC

2.3.2. Hannibal was the mastermind behind the War.

2.3.3. A general named Scipio planned to attack Carthage.

2.3.4. They Romans defeated them.

2.4. Rome controls the Mediterranean

2.4.1. Rome took control of Macedonia, Greece, and parts of Anatolia.

3. The Beginings of Rome

3.1. Founded in 753 BC

3.1.1. According to legend, by Romulus & Remus

3.2. Greek settlers

3.2.1. Established about 50 colonies on the southern coast of Italy.