The Romans Create a Republic

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The Romans Create a Republic by Mind Map: The Romans Create a Republic

1. The Beginnings of Rome

1.1. According to the Roman Legend, the city was founded in 753 B.C.

1.2. Led by Romulus and Remus

1.3. Rome was built on seven rolling hills at a curve on the Tiber River

1.4. Romans borrowed religious ideas from both the greeks and the etruscans

1.5. Romans borrowed many different things from the Etruscans including their alphabet.

2. Rome Spreads Its Power

2.1. Rome Conquers Italy

2.1.1. By the fourth century B.C., Rome dominated central italy. They defeated the Etruscans from the north, and the greek city states to the south.

2.2. Romes Commercial Network

2.2.1. Romes location gave it easy access to the riches of the lands they could move by land and the mediterranean sea.

2.3. War With Carthage

2.3.1. In 264 B.C. Rome and Carthage went to war.

2.3.2. Between 264 and 146 B.C., Rome and Carthage fought three wars.

2.3.3. Carthage had a bold leadeer named Hannibal who was eventually defeated by Rome and Romes daring military leader named Scipio.

2.3.4. After Rome defeated Carthage the city was set afire and its 50,000 inhabitants were sold into slavery.

2.4. Rome Controls the Mediterranean

2.4.1. The Romans went on to conquer the eastern half. Rome took control over Macedonia, Greece, and parts of Anatolia.

3. The Early Republic

3.1. Around 600 B.C. an Etruscan became king. The last king of rome was Tarquin the proud a harsh tyrant he was overthrown and Rome swore to never alow anyone to become king and the Republic was created.

3.2. Patricians and Plebeians

3.2.1. Patricians, the aristocratic landowners who held most of the power

3.2.2. The plebeians, the common farmers, artisans, and merchants who made up the majority of the population

3.2.3. Tribunes protected the rights of the plebeians from unfair acts of patrician officials.

3.3. Twelve Tables

3.3.1. In 451 B.C. a group of ten officials began writing down romes laws. They were carved on 12 tables.

3.4. Government Under the Republic

3.4.1. Rome had two officials called consuls. Like kings, they commanded the army and directed the government.

3.4.2. The senate was the aristocratic branch of Romes government.

3.4.3. In a time of crisis the republic could appoint a dictator.